MICHAEL MEIER - Illustration & Comic

Holy crap! I feel very honored to be invited by the Instituto Italiano di Cultura Berlin for an artist talk about the adaptation of dante Alighieri’s  “Divina Commedia” in illustration arts, graphic novels and new media. I will be there to talk about my graphic novel “Das Inferno" together with Lorenzo Mattotti and Emiliano Ponzi, two heros of Italian comic and illustration art.
So if you’re in Berlin on Tuesday, Feb. 25th to watch me pooping my pants in public, feel free to come around at the Italian embassy in Hildebrandstr. 2, Berlin at 7pm.

Two weeks ago it happened that I was able to host a little drawing workshop for kids while I was at the “Andere Bücher braucht das Land” with Rotopolpress festival at Literaturhaus Munich. I did some workshops before but never with kids. Long story short it was super fun and interesting!

For Light Grey Artlab's current show Rolemodels: Battle for Vyk’Tornaahl all participants were invited to draw themselves as roleplay characters. It was a fun topic and this is my submission: PIEPO THE AXE

For thousand years the axe has been the weapon of choice in the Ramthaïn Forest with it‘s black stone trees. The children of the native tribes are taughed how to forge their first axe by their parents. As a veteran adventurer PIEPO never leaves things to chance. So he is wielding two heavy steel axes to make sure that everything struck down stays down.

This illustration is also part of the official Battle for Vyk’Tornaahl card game that starts to ship on October 25th.

EDIT: The PIEPO print is now available at Light Grey Artlab’s online store.

I was able to take part in the “Rolemodels: The Battle for Vyk’ Tornaahl” card game and exhibition. The pre-order is launched! It’s limited and looks awesome so buy that thing. (My card is the one at the bottom in the middle with the number 5 on it.)

Pre-order at here at lightgreyartlab.

An illustration I did in 2012 for GQ-Germany. It was for an articel about how wealthy Chinese customers influence the market for luxury watches.

For that illustration I learned some interesting facts about drawing proper Chinese dragons from my friend Baoying. So if you like to draw Chinese dragons that make even Chinese customers happy, keep in mind following important facts:

- mouth and eyes always open
- neck must not be thicker that the rest of the body
- very long body (the longer the better)
- head always directed upwards or at least horizontal (not sure about that because i’ve seen others)
- tag upwards
- claws spread
- 4 to 5 fingers
- body entangeled in clouds
- traditional dragons like this, this, this or that one are way more awesome that those fancy glossy dragons you see nowadays

I kept silent here for quite a while. I definitely have to make a huge update. So I will post all the stuff I did in the past month bit after bit. Here is something from a four-page story I did last summer for Karagöz, a zine edited by my buddies Thomas Wellmann and Nadine Redlich. Get your copy of Karagöz here: www.karagoez.bigcartel.com


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