MICHAEL MEIER - Illustration & Comic

Penguin sketch. I wonder what he might think about?

Done. New illustration for the upcoming issue of GQ-Germany. The article is about happiness.

Edit: added two minor things. handle upper left and light on nose and some stuff on poster.

meaningless sketch. tried a new brush.

… and his buddy Fritze Engels.

Currently I’m lettering the German edition of Anne Simon’s LA GESTE D’AGLAÉ over at the Rotopolpress headquarter.

Holy crap! I feel very honored to be invited by the Instituto Italiano di Cultura Berlin for an artist talk about the adaptation of dante Alighieri’s  “Divina Commedia” in illustration arts, graphic novels and new media. I will be there to talk about my graphic novel “Das Inferno" together with Lorenzo Mattotti and Emiliano Ponzi, two heros of Italian comic and illustration art.
So if you’re in Berlin on Tuesday, Feb. 25th to watch me pooping my pants in public, feel free to come around at the Italian embassy in Hildebrandstr. 2, Berlin at 7pm.